Yoga and Soul Retreat in Sicily, Italy

May 13 to May 18, 2024

Yoga and Soul Retreat in Sicily, Italy
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Are you seeking a time out in the upcoming year, exclusively for yourself, amidst wonderful company in a magical setting with the spotlight on you?

Then you've found the perfect match with me! My greatest aspiration is to leave this world imbued with more love, mindfulness, and authenticity.

About The Host


Teaching yoga, teaching you, is a big part of my dream and I am infinitely grateful to be able to walk this path with all of my students.

​A few years ago I stumbled into a yoga class myself and after every yoga practice I felt better and more relaxed, found my balance again, and was able to start with new energy.

​Even now, after every yoga session, I am still fascinated by the balance a yoga class can create and it is exactly this feeling and this power that I want to pass on and share with you.

​I completed my training as a yoga teacher in beautiful Bali at the beginning of 2020. The course for my dream was set there and I can now live it with every lesson.