Yoga Safari with Primate Trekking Adventure in Uganda

Aug 23 to Aug 31, 2024

Yoga Safari with Primate Trekking Adventure in Uganda
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We will set out on foot to trek Gorilla and Chimpanzee with a chance to also see Grey cheeked Mangabeys, Colobus monkeys and Red-tailed monkeys. We will be visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is known for exceptional biodiversity. Here you will find various butterfly species, 350 species of birds and 120 mammal species, which includes the colobus monkey and chimpanzee. It is home to almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population - sharing 99% of the DNA of homo sapiens, gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans and also the largest primates. It is just the most amazing feeling to be sitting so close to them for an hour long to see how they interact.

Kibale Forest National Park is often referred to as the Primates capital of the world and one of the best safari destinations in Africa for chimpanzee trekking. There are 13 primate species living within this park, of which 15,000 are chimpanzees. Kibale is one of Africa’s foremost research sites for chimpanzees and other primates found in the park, and through a careful and scientific approach, these wild primates have been habituated to human presence in their natural habitat. What a heart-warming experience to be around them.

Lake Bunyonyi is the perfect location to end this 9 day adventure, admiring the lush green hills comprising of 29 little islands from above. It is a magical place where one can sit quietly, taking in what you have experienced over the last few days. A place to admire, a place that will ignite the fire in your soul as you connect with the surrounding life that we know as nature. A place to just be. These moments are what becomes your most special memories. A place now deeply rooted into your soul…

Since most mornings start quite early due to all the amazing activities on offer and also the best time to view wildlife, most yoga sessions will be in the afternoon. Sessions will be a combination of pranayama, slow flows, vinyasa and guided meditations - The practice promotes a calming and meditative state that will benefit beginners to experienced students.

About The Host

We organize specialized yoga holidays that combine wildlife encounters, conservation, vibrant cultural experiences, nature hikes, adventurous days and mindful yoga flows out in nature, a truly authentic experience. Choose one of our scheduled yoga holidays or contact us to customize a private trip according to your personal requirements. These yoga holidays are about YOU, connecting with yourself on a deeper level and having an adventure of a life time.


Things to keep in mind