Zen Yoga Safari in Zambia

Jul 2 to Jul 10, 2024

Zen Yoga Safari in Zambia
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Since Lulu was a child, she has dreamt of embarking on an African safari, and now, with great joy, that dream has become a reality.

Nestled within Zambia’s awe-inspiring landscapes, this transformative journey seamlessly intertwines the untamed allure of the wild with the blissful embrace of yoga. Allow the exhilaration of game drives to ignite your yang energy, as you encounter majestic elephants, mighty lions, and graceful giraffes in their natural habitat. The Zambian wilderness becomes your inner sanctuary for yin exploration, where yoga sessions amidst pristine nature replenish your spirit.


Twice daily game drives

Nightly sundowners

Deep connection yoga sessions led by Lulu Agan

Optional behind-the-scenes experiences with conservation, education, and clean water

Reconnect with yourself in nature and find your peace

About The Host
Lulu Agan

Lulu Agan

Surfing, yoga, cooking, and wellness: these 4 passions are what lead Lulu Agan, globe-trotting surfer and yogini. Having spent more than a decade as a Private Chef and more recently getting certified as a Health & Wellness Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Lulu cultivates a great knowledge and enthusiasm for top-quality cuisine that promotes glowing health, from the inside out. As a supportive mentor and wellness authority, she works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes by tailoring nutrition and wellness programs to meet our clients’ needs.

Lulu is at most home amongst the waves and beaches in the tropics, where she continuously nurtures an uncanny ability to track down the most remote, lush surf breaks — no matter where in the world she is!

A certified yoga instructor since 2017, Lulu deeply respects how the ancient art of yoga can temper the explosive energy used during surfing, as well as yoga’s potential to bring together people of any country, age, or gender. To Lulu, the ocean has the power to erase egos, unleash the bare human spirit, and teach one to color outside of the lines, while yoga brings balance and a deep, supportive connection to oneself — all lessons that can be easily carried from the surfboard or yoga mat back to daily life, allowing that raw passion to color our every moment.

Through the pursuit of her own joy, Lulu is able to bring signature bliss to women (and men!) all over the world with our intentionally designed, deeply expansive, culturally immersive retreats. Lulu aims to empower our retreats and inspire our guests by being a living example of an impassioned, well-balanced life; filled to the brim with as much surfing, yoga, meditation, and gratitude as humanly possible.


Things to keep in mind