Equine Adventures: 12 Great Horse-Riding Getaways Across the Globe

Horses are more than just majestic creatures; they are our companions, teachers, and guides on some of the most exhilarating adventures of our lives. From traversing rugged mountains to galloping through endless deserts, there's no experience quite like exploring the world on horseback. For equestrian enthusiasts, nothing compares to the thrill of discovering new riding trails, bonding with their equine partners, and immersing themselves in nature and new cultures. We'll take you on a journey to uncover the best horse-riding getaways across the globe, so saddle up, grab the reins, and get ready to embark on 12 equine adventures you'll never forget...

6-Day Elemental Wisdom Retreat, Jordan

Escape to Jordan for a transformative experience on the 6-Day Elemental Wisdom Retreat. This retreat combines horsemanship education with ancient wisdom practices to help you connect with your inner self and the majestic horses of Jordan. You'll stay in traditional Bedouin tents and embark on daily horseback rides through the stunning, carmine-colored landscapes of the Jordanian desert.

This retreat is more than just a riding vacation; it's an opportunity to delve deeper into the essence of horsemanship and develop a mindful, empathetic connection with these magnificent creatures. You'll also have the opportunity to learn from experienced local trainers who will teach you natural horsemanship techniques and offer insights into the unique cultural history of the region.

Dates: Nov 4 to Nov 9, 2024

Desert Horse Riding Holiday Escape in Egypt

Gallop along the Pyramids of Giza and camp in the desert in Luxor. Visit ancient Egyptian temples and ride through the Theban mountains. Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Nile and delicious Bedouin cooking on this incredible Desert Horseback-Riding Holiday Escape in Egypt.

The horses are Baladi or simply Egyptian horses. These horses are native to Egypt and have mixed bloodlines with Arabian and European influences. They are spirited, forward going, and responsive with impressive stamina for long days in the saddle.

Each horse is unique, and your hosts will do their best to match horse to rider based on riding ability and personal preferences. They hope you love them as much as they do!

Most of our horses have been rescued from difficult situations and rehabilitated. Thanks to lots of care, proper feeding, medical treatment, and gentle handling, they’ve become wonderful riding horses. Their resilience is truly remarkable.

Dates: Flexible Departures

8-Day Empowering Natural Horsemanship & Yoga Retreat, Bali

For those seeking a transformative retreat, the 8-day Empowering Natural Horsemanship & Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia, offers a unique experience combining natural horsemanship and mindful yoga. Located in the lush tropical countryside of Bali, the retreat is led by an experienced team of instructors who guide guests in developing a deeper connection with their horses and themselves.

Mornings begin with yoga and meditation sessions to prepare the body and mind for the day ahead. Participants then spend the day working with horses, learning natural horsemanship techniques that focus on building trust and communication. In the evenings, guests gather for group discussions and reflections on the day's activities. Accommodations are provided in traditional Balinese bungalows, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the local culture.

Dates: Multiple Departures 

Luxury Horse-Riding Holiday in Italy

Immerse yourself in the epitome of equestrian elegance at the Country Club, a distinguished riding facility complete with a clubhouse and guest house. Set on a sprawling 60-acre estate, this premier destination offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of the enchanting Marche countryside and the historic town of Fermo. Perched atop a hill, a meticulously restored century-old country house is surrounded by two acres of meticulously landscaped gardens, featuring an infinity pool, Jacuzzi tub, sundecks, gazebo, BBQ, and al-fresco dining areas. The riding school, led by an accomplished Belgian rider with expertise in foreign languages, specializes in flatwork and show-jumping.

At this Luxury Horse-Riding Holiday, you’ll enjoy an exclusive and intimate experience. Close to restaurants, beaches, and nightlife, your country and guest house at the equestrian center is the perfect place to ride horses and immerse yourself in the local culture and food.

Dates: Flexible Departures starting in March through September 2024

Women’s Hiking, Hotsprings and Horses Adventure Retreat in Iceland

Hike, ride Icelandic horses, kayak across the untamed countryside, and experience breathtaking views around every corner. The Icelandic culture is warm and inviting, and you will have the chance to spend time getting to know the local community members and artisans. 

This beautiful country, which is known as the Land of Fire and Ice, is brimming with contrasts: glaciers meet volcanoes, rugged mountains meet cascading waterfalls, and light meets dark. The people from this isolated and secluded Northern Island radiate the warmest, most vibrant energy. From the lively Reykjavik city center that runs on geothermal power to the rural fishing villages, the unique Icelandic culture blends old and new. And despite the country‘s name, Icelandic summers are surprisingly mild and green, with nonstop daylight thanks to a phenomenon known as the midnight sun. Join this Women’s Iceland Riding, Hiking and Hotsprings Retreat and explore Iceland’s dramatic landscapes!

Dates: July 15 to July 22, 2024

Week Long Scenic Horse-Riding Holiday in Sweden

RideIcelandic horses, sit around a campfire, learn about the Sami culture and sleep in a Sami tent (lávvu) on this epic Week-long Scenic Horse-Riding Holiday in Sweden. Designed for more seasoned riders-this trip will allow you to ride into the mountains and enjoy great views away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

You’ll ride between 15-25 km each day. Enjoy local delicacies including reindeer meat and fish.  This tour was rated as one of the best horse riding tours in the area by the Sweden’s Ecotourism Society.

Mesmerizing Horse Trail Ride Holiday in Andalusia, Spain

The best thing about this holiday is the people and their care and attention to detail. Everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful and your hosts work to make this experience a great one! The horses are incredibly well looked after and amazingly fit. 

Designed for riders of all levels, this Horse Trail Riding Holiday to Andalusia, Spain allows you to ride through the Alpujarra hills and Sierra Nevada mountains, enjoy the magnificent natural scenery, and stay in beautiful accommodations in remote and peaceful locations like no other. 

Dates: Flexible Departures

The Knights of Essaouira Horse Riding Holiday in Morocco

Saddle up for an unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes of Morocco on this Knights of Essaouira Horse Riding Holiday. This equestrian adventure offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty as you traverse the scenic routes around Essaouira. With its charming cobblestone streets, ancient ramparts, and vibrant markets, Essaouirais a city steeped in history, making it the perfect starting point for your horse-riding expedition.

During this horse-riding holiday, you'll have the opportunity to explore the breathtaking coastline, ride through lush forests, and discover hidden gems nestled within the Moroccan countryside. Experienced guides will lead you on thrilling rides, immersing you in the rich heritage and traditions of the region. Whether you're an experienced rider or a novice, our carefully curated routes cater to all skill levels, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Dates: March 31 to April 5 and June 2 to June 7, 2024

Natural Horsemanship Retreat in Costa Rica

Embark on a comprehensive journey on this Natural Horsemanship Retreat in Costa Rica. Beyond enhancing your bond with horses, you’ll also take a journey of self-discovery, enhancing focus, decision-making, mental clarity, and energy control. 

Immerse yourself in classical training, unraveling the horse's physiological intricacies and elevating communication to the level where a mere thought, breath, or idea suffices. Master the art of bitless training and riding, with advanced riders exploring nuanced connections using a bit. With horses adept at calibrating to the needs of riders of all levels, this retreat is the perfect getaway for everyone.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Pure Outdoor Adventure in BC, Canada

Head to British Columbia and explore the wilderness on horseback on this Pure Outdoor Adventure Getaway. ride through the wilderness.

Take a day trip to the Nemaiah Valley, where wild horses can be observed. Hike along Chilko Lake, the largest of the alpine lakes in North America. And ride for miles through Canada’s rugged terrain.

If you are looking to combine horseback riding, a camp trip and nature sightseeing with the amazing comfort of a beautiful mountain lodge, then this is the trip for you.

Dates: Flexible Departures

BackCountry Overnight Horseback Adventure in Saskatchewan,Canada

Saddle up and head through Prince Albert National Park into the Saskatchewan outback on this Backcountry Overnight Horseback-Riding Adventure.

Set up camp on a remote lake in the Boreal Forest where you can catch your supper and cook it over the open flames of your campfire. Enjoy life as it once was with the opportunity to see wild bison, deer, elk, moose, lynx, and lots of birds. Fall asleep to the sound of loons, coyotes or even wolves under a bed of stars and perhaps a magnificent display of northern lights.

Give yourself an extra day to relax by the lake or continue your adventure down the many trails in the area. Don’t miss this true Canadian cowboy experience.

Dates: Flexible Summer Departures

Yoga and Horses Retreat in Marble Falls, Texas

Looking for a women-only riding getaway? Then this Yoga and Horse Riding Retreat in Marble Falls Texas is for you. This is a transformative Texas-style yoga and horses retreat glamping experience, for all whether you’re an advanced yoga guru, have never done a single pose of yoga in your life as well as an experienced horse rider or never sat upon one!

Retreat Ranch is located on 46 acres in the heart of Hill Country Texas and our retreats are designed for connection- to yourself and others through nature, incredible energy, and sacred spaces.  The Ranch also has unique accommodations and amenities including outdoor games, an outdoor fire pit, a meditation labyrinth, dipping pools, a hot tub, a sauna & more.

Dates: Flexible Departures

Our Final Thoughts...

We hope you've enjoyed this journey through some of the world's best horse-riding getaways. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a beginner rider, these destinations offer the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. From the arid deserts of Egypt and Jordan to the remote backwoods of British Columbia, there's something for every horse lover on this list.

But our exploration doesn't have to end here. If you're interested in any of the destinations we've highlighted, or if you want to learn more about other horse-riding getaways around the world, please don't hesitate to contact us. And if you are new to horse-riding and are wondering what to pack-check out this list here.


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