8 Great Rock-Climbing Retreats for Women in 2024

Calling all female climbers. Whether you are a beginner, or an expert climber we have a trip for you. We're taking you across the US and on to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Portugal for some incredible climbing trips and retreats led by expert instructors. If you're looking for crack climbs, face climbs, or adventure routes, we have a little bit of everything, at every level of difficulty. 

And if you are looking to wind down, many of these trips also offer a little bit of yoga and zen. Yoga not only helps increase your flexibility & strength--it also helps promote balance and puts you into the right frame of mind for climbing.

So if you are looking for some great rock-climbing retreats in 2024, be sure to check out one of these 8 getaways coming your way.

“Own It” A Women’s Climbing Retreat in Mexico

Rock Climbing Retreat in Mexico

This Women's Climbing Retreat in Mexico is an amazing opportunity for women to truly understand their strength as they climb classic routes across three world-class destinations with a group of fully supportive women. Learn from PCGI and AMGA climbing guides, develop new skills and build on your climbing ability. All of the guides are experts at finding the right climbs for you, based on your level. So, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, you'll find routes that will challenge you throughout your stay.

You'll learn the art of fluid motion, crack climbing and how to climb steep terrain. Enjoy great food (vegan and vegetarian options available) and comfortable accommodations throughout your stay. You'll come away from this retreat with a sense of fulfillment and empowerment.

Dates: Jan 11-16, 2024 & March 14-19, 2024

4 Days of Climbing, Yoga, Thai Massage, And Surfing in Puerto Rico

This Climbing, Yoga, Surfing and Thai Massage Retreat takes you to the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico, which is still in the US, so travel is relatively easy for anyone coming from North America.
Combining climbing, yoga, massage and surfing, this gives retreat-goers a little bit of everything.

If you are looking to connect with other awesome people, this climbing & adventure retreat is for you. Suitable for all skill levels, this retreat will be led by professional climbers who have extensive guiding experience. Have a little fun on your next getaway-and blend this with a whole lot of relaxation on the tropical shores of Puerto Rico.

Dates: Feb 2-5, 2024

The Best Bouldering, Surfing and Climbing Experience in Portugal 

Join this Bouldering, Surfing and Climbing Retreat in sunny Portugal. Spend five days climbing near the sea (eyes open, dolphins!) or in the shady forests of the surrounding mountains. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, you will definitely have fun and learn a lot of new skills over the course of your stay. Expert guide will show you all the climbing and bouldering spots in the area and find the right routes for your level. Plus, they keep their groups limited to six people, so you will not only get to know everyone well--but also get all the attention you need so you can develop and improve your skills.

And if you love to boulder, you'll also get plenty of opportunities to climb nearby.  Your hosts have two crash pads in the camp, which you can rent and use to boulder your heart out.

Dates: Flexible weekly departures starting in March 2024

Mammoth Lakes Yoga & Climbing Retreat in California

This two-day and two-night Yoga & Climbing Retreat weekend includes two yoga sessions, two days of guided climbing instruction with AMGA guides, two nights of camping under the stars, & all climbing equipment. What's not to love.

You'll be camping in Mammoth under the stars, with easy access to the town and lots of shops, restaurants and cute cafes. Enjoy climbing the crags of Mammoth with these expert instructors. All levels welcome.

Dates: Aug 16-18, 2024

Intro to Big-Wall Climbing in Bishop, California

This 2-day Big Wall Climbing Retreat in Bishop California is for experienced, multi-pitch trad climbers and is designed to help them learn the basic skills needed for grade V and VI big walls (which are technical rock climbs that take more than 2 days to climb.  

Learning to climb big walls can be overwhelming so this class breaks it down into three categories: leading (aid climbing), cleaning (ascending a rope) and hauling. On the first day you will cover the basics of each category and on day two you will deeper into each category learning all the technical skills you will need to clean-aid climb, haul and jumar. Prepare for some epic climbing, camping under the stars and to come away with some great new skills.

Dates: April 1-2, 2024; April 15-16, 2024; April 29-30, 2024

Women's Yoga & Climbing Retreat in Joshua Tree, California

Enjoy a full weekend of fun, yoga, camping, and climbing with adventurous women on this Yoga & Rock Climbing Retreat to Joshua Tree. Learn from our full staff of AMGA-certified, female guides who are experts at finding the right climbs for you! This retreat is perfect for climbers and yogis of all skill levels, from first-time beginners to advanced. Then, after a full day out, enjoy a campfire chatting with new friends. Don’t forget to look out for the shooting stars!

This retreat's female guides have been in the climbing world for decades with experience in sport climbing, bouldering, alpine, multi-pitch, and big wall climbing.  Take a deep breath during your morning yoga sessions which will help prepare you for a full day of climbing, followed by drinks around the campfire. Not to be missed.

Dates: March 8-10, 2024 and November 8-10, 2024

Indian Creek Women's Crack Climbing Retreat

This is an All-Female Crack Climbing Trip to Indian Creek, Utah. Led by professional female climbing athletes that are also are highly trained AMGA Guides, this trip is designed for women who already have some climbing experience (intermediate to advanced). However, this trip is open to women who have never climbed-provided they have a good level of base fitness. Ideally you should be able to top rope 5.9-5.10 at the gym.

Come and work on your technical climbing skills and enjoy 2 full days of climbing on the amazing cracks of Indian Creek with our professional female guides and one AMGA certified rock guide. During your stay you will be camping in Indian Creek near the climbing areas. Enjoy nights under the stars with other climbers and easy access to all of your routes. Learn crack technique, efficiency and fluidity and leading skills. Don't miss this one.

: April 26-29,2024

Women’s Journey Retreat in Nevada

This Women's Journey Climbing Retreat in Nevada designed for soul-seekers looking to make a deeper connection with themselves, other women, and the restorative power of nature. With a strong emphasis on journaling and ceremony, this trip combines climbing, reflection and fun. Perfect for all levels-this uniquely-choreographed journey in Nevada will allow you to connect with other women, under the support and guidance of Hilary Moses and Kelly Weld.

This 5-day journey will be led by highly skilled guides and amazing programming facilitators. No experience is necessary.

Dates: Oct 18-22, 2024

In the End

There are plenty of great trips to choose from in 2024. But there is something special about going on a climbing retreat with other women. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber looking to sharpen your skills, be sure to check out one of these climbing trips coming your way in 2024. 

You'll bond, gain new skills and share some amazing experiences with other like-minded women. And that is a pretty amazing way to spend your time away.

To find out more about these trips and any of our other amazing retreats, be sure to visit us at Activ Retreats today. Happy climbing all.


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